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Paula Radcliffe, gbr


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Paula Radcliffe






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Paula Radcliffe
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Early Running Life:

"My father was a Marathoner (he ran 3:30) and when I was a young girl he would take me to the woods and let me run cross country races. I loved to run."

"My earliest memories of running started at school where I just felt really free when I was running. It was something I really got a buzz out of. I remember going down to watch my father run in the London Marathon when I was 10 or 11. I saw Ingrid Christiansen go past in the women's race and I thought, 'I'd love to run that, I'd love to be part of the whole atmosphere that is the London Marathon.'"

"I remember when I ran my first National Cross Country race finishing 299th I was determined to come back and do better the next year. So I stopped going to judo and went to the athletics club twice a week. "

 Many of Paula's successes have been in cross-country.


She was 8th  in the English Schools Junior Girls 1500m in 1988, 
1st  in the English Schools Senior Girls 3000m in 1991, and again to set the English Schools' record which still stands today. She won the Senior Girls English Schools Cross Country 1992.

In a sport totally dominated by African runners young Paula won the World Junior Cross Country Championships in Boston, 1992 over Wang Junxia (in a snowstorm!).

Returning to her school, in Bedford, England, she revealed her goal, "I want to win a Senior World Championship title."

The young girl stands in front of her school friends. She has just achieved more than most can ever imagine. This young girl has direction, drive, and desire. She is not satisfied, life does not stand still. If you want to live, move forward. She stepped up her training.